Men’s Fashion: March Navy Bags

March’s post is late due to awaiting shipment for two of the bags. I chose Navy as March’s color for the end of winter. Navy is such rich color, apropos for the end of the cold season and an introduction to Spring. Navy is an all season color, goes with any outfit or occasion, a ‘safe’ color for anyone. If you are unsure of what color to carry or wear for any season, stick to the basics like blacks, blues and browns. I love carrying seasonal colors, as the past 12 months of articles have shown.

Here I have 12 Navy or Blue Color Block bags in all shapes and sizes, from the 22 inch duffle to the 2.5×3 inch slim wallet. I really enjoy the handheld clutches, in the foreground, the 8-9 inch by 6-8 inch roughly. They can carry my basics, phone-wallet-keys-carmex. Why do I carry a clutch or slim bag? As I’ve said before, I don’t have hips or a butt, so anything put in the pants pocket will cause said pants to fall to my ankles. It’s such an awful feeling with my hands and arms are full, feeling my pants slide down my hips, not being able to catch them. Even with a belt!

I’m not going to list and describe them in detail here, that wasn’t very popular last month. I had thought of writing a post about each one but that hasn’t been popular either. So here they are. The extra-large piel leather navy three-compartment tote covered in a few other articles, the covelin medium tote covered in previous articles in other colors, a slim shoulder navy tote in medium, three small slim navy clutches (I like a collection to choose from), a Yaluxe navy three-compartment wallet with outside compartments (previously written about), the two Calvin klein Sonoma totes in blue color block, the American Tourister 22 inch duffle (that I have absolutely used for everything, from grocery shopping to travel to storing sheets!) and a small navy attache I’ve used to go to court.

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By Brick ONeil

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