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Monday Book Review: Out of Time (Time Series Book 1)

Out of Time (Time Series Book 1)  by Deborah Trescott Cute Paranormal Cozy with a hint of Romance Downloaded as a free kindle ebook in my cozy mystery period. I’m a lover of all… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: Ty Hard (Willow Springs Ranch Book 1)

M/M Romance? I had no idea that was even a genre! And well written M/M Romance? After reading, I was bug-eyed and my jaw was slack against my chest. I’d read enough Straight… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: Trouble in Mudbug

Trouble in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law Mystery/Romance Series Book 1) [Kindle Edition] Jana DeLeon (Author) Sometimes I’m just in the mood for a cute cozy and Trouble in Mudbug fits the bill. Jana DeLeon certainly… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: An Elemental Mysteries Series

  A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter was on the free kindle list a few years ago. I finally got around to reading it recently and thought it was a Noir or Hardboiled… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: Hostage A Todd Mills Mystery For quite some time, I’d been after a Mystery book or series that was well-written, from the standpoint of a gay lead character. As a gay man myself, writer and self-avowed mystery… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: A Lever Long Enough

Apologies for not posting yesterday, was dealing with a surgery and other issues.   Found this book as a freebie. I love all fiction, especially mystery and the cover captured my attention. I… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: One Just Man

Found One Just Man on the Kindle store as a freebie.  The cover caught my attention the art/sculpture reminding me of African art and the forward image of a crucified Jesus. The description… Continue reading

Monday App Review: “WeatherBug” Widget No Book review-this spring and summer has been busy with healthcare and fighting the housing corporation. So, decided to share what I’ve learned about apps I like/dislike on my old Asus Eee… Continue reading

No Monday Book Review

Apologies to all, been busy with the fallout from the colon polyp procedure from last thursday (see the last Healthy Thursday post).  Been having abdominal and stool trouble from whatever the GI surgeon… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: Simply Delicious Vegetarian

From the description: Create an array of enticing vegetarian dishes to delight your friends and family. Simply Delicious Vegetarian has more than 170 mouthwatering recipes for every occasion such as spicy fusilli, Sicilian… Continue reading