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Monday Book Review: Artifacts: A Faye Longchamp Mystery

Artifacts: A Faye Longchamp Mystery by Mary Anna Evans All right, I’ll admit it: I’d been looking for free books in the Amazon Kindle store and came across this interesting cover and… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: The Bobbsey Twins Series This book review is in honor of my Mom, Leota M. Henderson.  She always loved reading and always talked about how she remembered her first books were “The Bobbsey Twins” series. I… Continue reading

The Cookbook is here: Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0

Simple, Healthy, Fresh 1.0 by Brick ONeil The long-awaited and much requested cookbook is here, finally! After two years of people requesting me to write one, I got on the ball this… Continue reading

“Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” made it to Smashwords’ Premium catalog!

“Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories” made it to Smashwords’ Premium catalog! The collection has been submitted to Amazon’s KDP catalog, along with the revised edition of “Aside of Murder”.  So those of… Continue reading

New: Selection of Short Stories Available Published a selection of unrelated short stories on Smashwords of mine, “Unrelated 1.0” for those that want a peek at other work of mine. It is a collection of 5 short stories,… Continue reading

“Aside of Murder” is on iTunes and iBookstore!

  Aside of Murder is on iTunes and iBookstore! I was doing a bit of random searching for the novel and found it is now on Apple’s iTunes and iBookstore!  With the new… Continue reading

July Downloads Double Digits!

The July Downloads for “Aside of Murder” ended in double digits for the re-release! Between my self-generated coupon to celebrate the re-release of my first novel, “Aside of Murder”, of “The Rose Petal… Continue reading

Heads up! I’m on ‘Author Spotlight’ with Aurora Martinez

I’m this week’s ‘Author Spotlight’ on Aurora Martinez’s website, Crimson Flower Review, where she interviews authors and posts an excerpt from their novels. Spotlight on Brick O’Neil Crimson Flower Reviews would like to… Continue reading

What a Wild Week

From student to not student. Decided I didnt like doing homework 12 hours a day afterall.  Especially Math and Coding.  Why the Vocational Assessor wrote in her report that web development was a viable career… Continue reading

Intriguing Debut Science Fiction Book

Intriguing story of humans gaining superpowers, some familiar elements gathered from different sources brought together in a smooth, well-thought plot. The characterizations are fully developed, even minor ones, the place is believable as… Continue reading