Happy First Day of Fall 2012

Happy official Autumn and Fall, I guess, everyone! Time for hot cocoa, hot buttered rum, warm red wines, walking and crackling through colorful leaves, breaking out warmer fall jackets and sweaters.  Holding hands with your spouse, kids and loved ones, walking through a park, forest or trail, sharing favorite Fall memories of years past.  Coming … Continue reading Happy First Day of Fall 2012

Where should the Image Links for my books lead?

If you've noticed my side bar, I have all my books listed (of which I am quite proud!).  As of right now, they point to the Smashwords retail site but i'm thinking of changing them to the Amazon site.  What are your thoughts? Human nature is odd and which I'll never understand. For two years, … Continue reading Where should the Image Links for my books lead?

Review of Ltede 1022 Grey/Brown

http://www.coastal.com/glasses/frames/ltede-1022-grey-brown/prod21042.html#MyReviewHeader   First of all, let me say I do love the Ltede low-profile design.  This is my second pair from this designer. This pair is sleek, low with contemporary design. The frame is closed at the nose then flares open at the sides, to the copper etched arms.  Second, this would be a great … Continue reading Review of Ltede 1022 Grey/Brown

Novel’s Press Release Highlighted on Stephen Wilson’s Blog

Just a quick post! Great big thanks to Stephen Wilson for highlighting the Press Release for "Aside of Murder" on his blog, http://stephenlwilson.blogspot.com/2012/07/press-release-aside-of-murder-by-brick.html, He did such a great job with it. Stephen's blog, ebook author and publisher, http://stephenlwilson.blogspot.com/    

Book Review: Bloodlines -The Ancestry by Lela Lane

No image available--prohibited by publisher Book Review: Bloodlines -The Ancestry by Lela Lane http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=9781618629920 What starts out as what one thinks as a run-of-the-mill vampire book, turns out to be a solely unique familial ancestral history and separate psychological treatise on cult phenomena. Thoroughly enjoyable, even though vampire, paranormal fiction isn't my favorite genre.  I'm more into … Continue reading Book Review: Bloodlines -The Ancestry by Lela Lane

Brick’s Writing Group

Created a short story or creative story writing group on facebook. Brick's Writing Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/392371207487254/ I had posted a picture of a rusty chain on the Green River Trail on my facebook page and someone requested I create a private group for people to submit their stories.  So, it is done! If you want to join, … Continue reading Brick’s Writing Group

Warm, Cozy eBook for a great weekend read

Like a warm, cozy and comfortable handmade quilt, Promises You Keep, is great for an evening or weekend read. Promises You Keep by Karen Marie Graham Karen Graham’s descriptions are so visual and vivid, you really feel like you’re in the log cabin right along with Sydney, an English teacher who has a past she's running … Continue reading Warm, Cozy eBook for a great weekend read