2012-08-20 09.51.26


Every once in awhile I want a break from my novel series, the Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries, or my cookbooks, Simple Healthy Fresh series.

Then I write a short story, anything around 1000-5000 words, or a collection of shorts, around/under 500 words each.  I’ve written Triad: Fates, Furies and Graces and Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories, found on their respective pages. The newest short story book is titled Different Dreams-not very original, but they are different. If anyone wants to analyze them, feel free!

So far, the shorts are taking off like a brush fire! Readers are downloading from Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords, even ebook retailers I’ve never heard of. That’s ok, people are reading!

So enjoy these shorts from me to you.