2012-08-20 09.51.26


Every once in awhile I want a break from my novel series, the Rose Petal Wine Murder Mysteries, or my cookbooks, Simple Healthy Fresh series.

Then I write a short story, anything around 1000-5000 words, or a collection of shorts, around/under 500 words each.  I’ve written Triad: Fates, Furies and Graces and Unrelated: A Selection of Short Stories, found on their respective pages. The newest short story book is titled Different Dreams-not very original, but they are different. If anyone wants to analyze them, feel free!

So far, the shorts are taking off like a brush fire! Readers are downloading from Barnes and Nobke, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords, even ebook retailers I’ve never heard of. That’s ok; people are reading!

So enjoy these shorts from me to you.