Red Pepper Road Spice Co.



My original line of six peppers from “Simple, Healthy, Fresh”, now expanded.

For these mixes, I use rainbow peppercorns for most of the flavors in all lists except where noted, Black, White and Red Peppercorns are used. For the spices, I use either dried or whole as appropriate. They are approximately a 1/3 to 1/2 cup and the grams will vary.

Since “Simple Healthy, Fresh” is low-carb and low-salt, I use no salt in my cooking or at my table,  I developed a line of flavored peppers for people like me that cannot have salt–diabetes, heart disease, organ transplant, etc. I avoid foods that have salt in them, so nothing processed, pre-made, bagged, boxed or canned.

For my personal peppers, I keep an eye out for pepper mills, pepper grinders at discount stores such as Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, flea markets, bargain/clearance sections in stores.


The Flavored Peppers in my line are as follows:


  1. Black Peppercorn
  2. Rainbow Peppercorn
  3. Red Peppercorns
  4. Red Black Pepper
  5. White Pepper
  6. Red White Pepper
  7. Black White Pepper


  1. Everything Pepper
  2. Garlic Pepper
  3. Mustard Pepper
  4. Rosemary Pepper
  5. Sesame Pepper
  6. White Sage


  1. Cayenne Pepper
  2. Red Lemon
  3. Red Pepper Pepper
  4. Red Pepper Red Pepper
  5. Red Rosemary
  6. Rose Red
  7. Red Orange 
  8. White Cayenne 


  1. Allspice Pepper
  2. Cinnamon Pepper 
  3. Clove Pepper
  4. Lavender Pepper
  5. Lemon Pepper
  6. Orange Pepper
  7. Rose Petal Pepper

Or I can mix your personal preference:


Black                  Red                         White                    Rainbow



Garlic            Mustard Seed           Rosemary           Sage              Red Pepper            Cayenne

Sesame             Lemon              Orange            Lavender              Rose  Petal

Allspice                      Cinnamon                   Clove                 Any Herb/Spice


The Flavored Peppers are each $15+ $5 s/h, payment accepted through paypal only-they accept credit cards, bank transfer and paypal to paypal. No cash, checks or money orders. Special orders, multiple flavors/base are extra. Each base is $10 and each flavor is $5 extra. I can do 1/2 and 1/2 as well, just communicate clearly, if you would like to purchase, click the button, which will take you to paypal. Put your pepper flavor in the ‘note to seller’.

Thank you for understanding.