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Simple Recipes, Healthy for You, Fresh from Nature. All about healthy low-carb, low-salt cooking. Nothing processed, pre-made, bagged, boxed or canned.  

This series is a result of many people asking for my recipes that I began posting on Facebook. I wrote Simple Healthy Fresh 1.0, 2.0 as a result of these requests, then combined them with new recipes for my Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook because there were so many asking for a print edition (whom all disappeared after I spent considerable time and effort writing, producing, editing and printing them).  Nonetheless, I wrote this last cookbook, Simple Healthy Fresh 3.0: Dinners, because I had already started the process, therefore wanted to finish. 

Between all the cookbooks, there are over 300 recipes that are low-carb, low-salt, great for diabetics, heart patients, people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugars, transplant patients and anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, exercise and fitness is a part of healthy living and I advocate exercise! 

Since I do not use salt in my cooking, preparation or table, I created a line of Flavored Peppers, The Red Pepper Road Spice Co., with 24 flavors and  more created when the creative streak strikes! I use them liberally throughout the recipes. I also created a line of flavored Olive Oil and Vegetable Oils that I use throughout the recipes. These help keep you healthy. I describe them in the forwards in each cookbook.

So, now you have the information. Simple Healthy Fresh, Simple Recipes, Healthy for You, Fresh  from Nature.  Your body will thank you.


The Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook

From dialysis patient to cookbook author, I’m familiar with health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and their health care counterparts. This cookbook series is based on over ten years of research for low-carb, low-salt and low-fat recipes, using cooking techniques, creating sweet, savory and delicious recipes with herbs, spices and healthy sauces. 

Thank you in advance!



Now in EBook format available from all ebook retailers. 

 Twenty one pages with full color pictures,  I’ve described my cooking and health history, explaining why I’ve gone low-carb and low-salt; with hints, tips and suggestions for living healthy, exercising, shopping and so forth. 


The “Simple, Healthy, Fresh” Cookbook series has had glowing 5-star reviews as well:

starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars Mmmm, healty recipies!
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
As someone who loves eating well, meaning whole healthy organic foods and delicious spices, I like finding new cooking ideas to add to my tried and true favorites. I liked this book for many reasons. One, was that it identified spices to use with differing kinds of cuisine (good for if you’re like me and like to play sous chef more than follow precise instructions) and two, for the varieties of recipes. My favorite was the Top Sirloin with a reduced red wine glaze. Can’t wait to try the three-meat meatloaf, too!

 A second satisfied reader:


starstarstarstarstar 5.0 out of 5 stars Lives up to it’s name
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Simple, Healthy, Fresh. This cookbook is all those things. Nice little book with plenty of variety to choose from. Enjoy!


For about the price of a latte you get 10 weeks of meals that are easy to prepare – most under 30 minutes – and you’ll never have to eat the same thing twice in a month (unless you want to). There are no complicated ingredients, no “special” spices or ingredients — just healthy and common everyday ingredients that can be procured at “any” grocery store or farmer’s market. The instructions are easy to follow and the tips and tricks are fantastic.



Brick ONeil


More of those low-carb and low-sodium recipes you’ve come to know and love from the first cookbook.

These keep in mind those with health issues and are on a limited income, as I have been for the past few decades. I’ve created healthy recipes that aren’t the same old pasta and tomato sauce or meatloaf grind or tuna casserole.

Using fresh ingredients and a minimum of anything processed, premade, bagged, boxed and canned, I invigorate recipes with herbs and spices. I show how to prepare foods you may find on a sale or bargain, into something special.


The Simple Healthy Fresh series is low-carb, low-salt using-nothing processed, pre-made, boxed, bagged or canned.
I created these recipes for people with diabetes, heart disease, organ failure/transplant or anyone needing a healthier way to live. In this cookbook ebook, I give recipes in each Dinner that complement each other, in taste, color and texture using low-fat meats and proteins along with low-carb, low-starch fresh, healthy vegetables.


From the Forward: After a kidney transplant and as a result of the medication, developing heart disease, diabetes and other issues, I began researching healthy cooking, vegetarian cooking and everything else under the sun.

What came about was a healthier, more natural way of cooking, keeping in mind low-income families, such as myself.  After being on social security for over a decade, I found it was possible to eat healthy on such a restricted income.  I stay away from anything processed, pre-made, boxed, bagged and canned, for the most part.  There is no salt in my cooking or at my table, I show how to use flavored peppers.  There is even a page here on the website (see drop down menu under simple, healthy, fresh) where I talk about how I created the line.

In these cookbooks, (found in the drop down menu at the top of the page) there are hints and tips, for example, the benefits of buying frozen vegetables! You can find low-carbohydrate foods in the frozen section, for those of us with diabetes. The Simple, Healthy, Fresh ebooks have 70+ full color recipes with basic ingredients such as brown and wild mix rice, mushrooms, the holy trifecta–mirepoix (that is, celery-onion-carrot), leeks, eggplant and lean meats, pork and chicken.

Catch my twitter account, on the right, brickoneil and my linkedin profile, link on bottom of main page. Check out the facebook page for Simple Healthy Fresh, I give more hints, tips and more free recipes!







The actual, physical cookbook  is here! It encompasses both ebook cookbooks one and two with just as many new recipes. See the “Ultimate Simple Healthy Fresh Cookbook” page under the slide out menu to the left and click the cookbook’s picture on the right, it will take you to Paypal I believe you can pay via Paypal or credit card there. If you would like to order outside the U.S., there will be additional shipping charges, per rates.

The cookbooks are full of economic information, healthy food hints and tips, all the recipes are low-carb and low-salt but savory or sweet but all good for you!


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