Social Media is a Fickle Thing

Online Social Media is touted as the 'end-all-be-all' for small businesses, writers and authors.  We're supposed to join twitter, facebook, linkedin and hundreds of other outlets in order to gain hundreds of thousands of buyers in a short amount of time. Or the self-advertising media monsters inform us. Seems to me, the most aggressive followers … Continue reading Social Media is a Fickle Thing

Big Pressure

Headache, whether from deadlines or sinus pressure, sure isn' t fun. Need to keep working on the second book, while marketing the first, keep up the daily posts on four blogs, try to figure out coding for the new website and twist my noggin around google adsense on the blogs (it's there, it just isn't … Continue reading Big Pressure

WOOHOO! Out of My Hands!

Thankfully, a friend's husband is a tech person and has agreed to take a look at all these backend/behind-the-scenes stuff on all the blogs and websites.  Hopefully he can get google Adsense to read the ads/codes and fix whatever one hundred niggling little things that need fixed. Now I can get back to what I … Continue reading WOOHOO! Out of My Hands!

Good News!

The "Great Computer Circuit" in the World Wide Web fixed the name issue with my health blog, !  The site address and name now match!  TY to whomever you are!  Now those hits  and traffic will just SKYROCKET!  😉 Onto other backend news.  Apparently, Im less of a tech person than I thought.  In … Continue reading Good News!