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Offering to Write a Blog Post

Offering to write a 100 word Blog Post for $25 per week! Will include pictures and/or video for a company, product, theme or business, on my website or yours. Post goes out to… Continue reading

Writing Update

                                The words have been flowing! Stuck on Rose Petal Wine Murder Mystery book 3 for months now,… Continue reading

Q: How to get 1% of the population to buy my books?

Had a revelation today: There are over 311M people in the U.S. All I need is 1% of them to buy my Novel, short story compilation and forthcoming cookbook 🙂 Now to generate… Continue reading

Brick’s Writing Group

Created a short story or creative story writing group on facebook. Brick’s Writing Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/392371207487254/ I had posted a picture of a rusty chain on the Green River Trail on my facebook page and… Continue reading

Good Morning from Belltown

Howdy all and good morning from Belltown. Met with DVR and there isn’t much else they can do for me. So, having them close my file and keep on doing what I have… Continue reading


Update II:  The Technical Writing Cert. didn’t appeal to me either.  Going to just stick to writing Novels no one wants to read, lol. ____________________________________________________________ UPDATE:  I have decided to withdraw from Web… Continue reading

Hello again

After half a year off from blogging, I admit, I kind of missed it.  I had no idea if anyone was even reading the blog postings and frankly, I was too busy ‘working’… Continue reading

Bright and Blustery Belltown

Torrential downpours this morning, then bright and blustery this afternoon in the Seattle neighborhood of Belltown. March sure is roaring in like a lion (heh, like my business name, Lione Services).  As I… Continue reading


Does that sound like your behind-the-scenes administrative work for your website(s) or business? I’m not a tech-type person, so doing the html/coding/names and etc for pages and blogs is daunting. My health blog… Continue reading