Healthy Thursday: New Nutrition Labels

There’s been agreement from all quarters that something needs to be done about nutrition labels.  As they are now, they are confusing, with too much information that so few really care about. What shoppers and consumers want are easy to understand labels, with calorie, carbohydrate, fat and fiber with a list of true ingredients and…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: New Nutrition Labels

Healthy at Any Cost? When Enough is Enough.

  Was reading an article on weight loss and weight maintenance, which I can’t find now.  The crux was, It’s easy to lose weight the first time but maintaining a weight loss forever is almost impossible.  To keep weight off, people must forever count and watch calories, carbs and/or fat grams PLUS exercise/workout for hours…… Continue reading Healthy at Any Cost? When Enough is Enough.

The key to weight loss? Calories.

Calorie Scale Some previous studies have found that low carbohydrate diets like Atkins work better than a traditional low-fat diet. But the new research found that the key to losing weight boiled down to a basic rule — calories in, calories out.     “The hidden secret is it doesn’t matter if you focus on…… Continue reading The key to weight loss? Calories.