Wertfrei Wednesday: A Definition

wertfrei:  without value judgement; neutral (http://phrontistery.info/w.html) Trying to come up with a unique format for Wednesday, I’ve tried ‘happy humpday’ posts in the past. Although they were ok, I felt they had no unifying theme and maybe a bit too mainstream. Happy Humpdays were dropped after less than a year of poor stats.  I dropped…… Continue reading Wertfrei Wednesday: A Definition

Busy Days Inside and Out

Life has been so busy this Winter and Spring, I really have been neglecting the Monday Book Reviews and Tech Tuesdays, I had altogether stopped Happy Humpday posts and Healthy Thursdays but have been really trying to keep the Friday Top Ten EBook lists for you readers, all 10 of you. If you’ve read my…… Continue reading Busy Days Inside and Out

Happy Humpday: Visions

  Visions – The old view from my apartment in Seattle, Washington. Gorgeous view, wouldn’t you agree?  You can see forever, but as in life, visions change.  There are now 20 and 40-story skyscrapers blocking all my views now.  At first I was upset that my forever vision was now defunct and I didn’t think…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: Visions

Happy Humpday: Fun and Frolic

This was taken a few years ago at a pierside restaurant down on the Seattle waterfront in a bayside cafe. They had applied this on all the posts inside their cafe with different sea-themes.  I thought this was a cute reminder to don’t forget to explore life, have new experiences and have fun. We often…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: Fun and Frolic

Happy Humpday: [Colors] The Experience Music Project

The Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington One of the amazing visual treats of the building is the ability to change colors with the sun, clouds and so on. In this picture it appears, white, red and blue. Sometimes it is a dark, matte red or reddish-brown. I haven’t been inside, being hearing impaired, i’m…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: [Colors] The Experience Music Project

Happy Humpday: Going in Circles

Seattle’s Ferris wheel, picture taken by me, Fall 2012. Gray days and going in circles.  Sometimes life feels like one big Ferris wheel, going in circles, stuck in a rut, going nowhere fast. But look on the other side: You’re in familiar territory, you get to see the highs, you know how to deal with the lows.…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: Going in Circles

Happy Humpday 3/6/2013

Saw this in a store window and thought the artist did a great job wit hit.  Very Alice-in-Wonderland meets Alice-in-Chains, lol. All seeing flower?  See the pom  poms at the tip of each petal? Thought those of you dealing with the snow and ice would like a bit of reminder of Spring. Looking ahead (haha,…… Continue reading Happy Humpday 3/6/2013

Happy Humpday Pic! Metal Flower

Happy Humpday Pic!  This larger than life metal flower is at the 3rd and Madison Wells Fargo. “Seattle Tulip” is by the late American Pop Artist Tom Wesselmann. I’ve always admired this Tulip and enjoy it whenever i’m out and about.  It’s in downtown Seattle in the business district. What have you done that is larger than…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic! Metal Flower

Happy Humpday Pic 1/23/13

This was taken Summer of 2012, on a Sunny Summer day along a footpath around South Lake Union.  There is chat rock between an old rail path and it has a bench along the right side under some trees and bushes.  Very relaxing and at the same time, invigorating. There is just something about exercise,…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic 1/23/13

Happy Humpday Pic!

Happy Humpday!  This was taken last November at Pike Place Market.  This is where we shop for the fresh foods for the recipes in my cookbooks. There is a meat vendor across the way that has fresh, all natural meats that taste totally different than supermarket meats.  Don’t know what the difference is but the…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic!