Healthy Thursday: Prepaid Healthcare

From UMCES Library  Is your credit ok? Do you have the money upfront? No checks/no credit! You may be asked these questions before entering an ER or seeing your Doctor before your next visit. Hundreds and thousands of hospitals, ER’s and Dr’s offices are getting dragged down by non-payers each year.  Each day we see more…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Prepaid Healthcare

New Book: Silver Linings on Dark Clouds

Announcing my short biography of my life with Alport’s Syndrome, a genetic, degenerative kidney disease that causes kidney failure.  I document the ongoing fight and struggle, not only with this insidious disease, but also the healthcare and social services systems, while trying to survive. A personal story of life with kidney failure, from diagnosis to…… Continue reading New Book: Silver Linings on Dark Clouds