Healthy Thursday: Happy Healthy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 46th birthday and my kidney’s 12th birthday! I”m lucky and thankful to be alive, thanks to the donor family, thanks to all these years of healthy eating (yes, i’m shamelessly plugging Simple Healthy Fresh), exercise and, sometimes, thanks in-spite-of all the years of doctors, healthcare, surgeries, procedures, broken bones, heart surgery-i’m here.…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Happy Healthy Birthday to Me!

Healthy Thursday: Hold the Mayo

Hold the Mayo: How I Broke My Fast Food Habit Brick ONeil, Yahoo Contributor Network Before I received a kidney transplant in 2003, I really didn’t have an appetite, as dialysis pumps so many chemicals into your body, cleaning your blood that your kidneys can’t. Foods taste bland and you’re limited to what you can…… Continue reading Healthy Thursday: Hold the Mayo

One Month Post-Angiogram

One month ago I underwent my third Angiogram and had three of these stents placed around the arteries and vein surrounding my heart. The procedure itself went find, although it took a team of cardiac surgeons and a specialist to place the stents (one using a new drilling technique). There were complications after the procedure,…… Continue reading One Month Post-Angiogram

Healthy Holiday Eating & Exercise

Here are a few articles I wrote about healthy eating and exercising around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve, etc.  Just thought some timely advice for choosing healthier options. Healthy Eating At the Holidays,! We survived the endless Thanksgiving buffets and meals intact, but we still have Christmas Eve and day, New Years Eve…… Continue reading Healthy Holiday Eating & Exercise

New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

    Welcome to Healthy Thursday! I decided to start the weekly Thursday postings about health, to supplement my healthy First Friday Free Recipes from my cookbook series, “Simple, Healthy, Fresh”, book 1 available now (see tab above) and book 2 coming out Summer 2013. What is health?  Health is what you put into your…… Continue reading New Weekly Post: Healthy Thursday!

Monday Book Review: Let’s cook Healthy Eating

not in print, From inside the cover: healthy eating This beautifully designed cookbook features hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes. Healthy Eating is a comprehensive guide to cooking healthy and wholesome foods and features a huge range of dishes that can be tasty, filling and occasionally low in fat too! With ideas for soups, starters, dinners and…… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Let’s cook Healthy Eating