I lost $5601 and my Bank Account

Thought I’d give and update about my life these days. If you follow me on Twitter, you know. On 9/3, I discovered my account balance, $4412, had been stolen due to a Debit DDA charge. I couldn’t do anything until Tuesday 9/6 after labor Day. I also noticed my SSDI check hadn’t been deposited so…… Continue reading I lost $5601 and my Bank Account

Health and Weight Issues

So, if anyone can see this and is dealing with IBS, Rosacea, Transplant, susceptible to weight gain, here is what I’ve found. I lost 15 pounds by eating 1 sm meal a day over two months but the cravings drove me nuts. I began eating 2 small meals a day and gained the 10 pounds…… Continue reading Health and Weight Issues

Tech Tuesday: Oticon Chili Hearing Aids

http://www.oticon.com/products/hearing-aids/power/chili/inside-chili.aspx Had my annual hearing test with the audiologist and the hearing loss is stable at 80% which is in the moderate/severe category,  while the speech discrimination loss is worse at 25%/32% which is in the profound category. The Dr. found my lip reading skills at ‘astounding’, so if i can see your lips, I can…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Oticon Chili Hearing Aids