Something Bold, Something New

  Good Morning all, the sun is beating down over Belltown, got the blinds shut.  There can be too much of a good thing. Got my mug O’Roast and enjoying the time. Thinking of stopping several of the daily blog posts, finding They are time consuming and They aren’t bringing in any new readers/subscribers/followers, Not…… Continue reading Something Bold, Something New

Happy Humpday: Historic Decision for Equality

  Never thought I would see A Supreme Court of the U.S. give gays and lesbians equality with straight Americans.  Never did I imagine that 13 states would grant gays and lesbians the legal right so freely given to a majority of Americans.  Never did I think I would live to see gay and lesbian…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: Historic Decision for Equality

Happy Humpday: Fun and Frolic

This was taken a few years ago at a pierside restaurant down on the Seattle waterfront in a bayside cafe. They had applied this on all the posts inside their cafe with different sea-themes.  I thought this was a cute reminder to don’t forget to explore life, have new experiences and have fun. We often…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: Fun and Frolic

Happy Humpday: [Colors] The Experience Music Project

The Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington One of the amazing visual treats of the building is the ability to change colors with the sun, clouds and so on. In this picture it appears, white, red and blue. Sometimes it is a dark, matte red or reddish-brown. I haven’t been inside, being hearing impaired, i’m…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: [Colors] The Experience Music Project

Happy Humpday: Viewpoints

This was taken from the end of the Bell Street walkway, looking southeast over Bell Harbor Marina and Downtown Seattle.  Belltown has a ‘rough and tumble’ reputation in The Emerald City, however, it is the first neighborhood I moved to in 2008. I like the ‘hood, there are plenty of different types of restaurants, some…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: Viewpoints

Humpday pic: Surreal Life

  Walking around the local community garden this past week, the Belltown Pea Patch, and saw these gorgeous Calla Lillies. I at first thought they were Orchids.  Regardless of their name, the setting was perfect. Lightly raining, bright overcast skies giving the area a surreal look and feel. Life at times feels surreal.  You know…… Continue reading Humpday pic: Surreal Life

Happy Humpday: The Beauty Inside

Inside the Gretna, Nebraska Glass Church One of a series of shots I took of the inside of that Nebraska Glass Church I posted last week. The visual lines were amazing, the acoustics were surprisingly clear. It was quiet a distance from Omaha and from anything else, really, but worth the drive to find it.…… Continue reading Happy Humpday: The Beauty Inside

Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.

This picture was taken from the inner courtyard of a building I lived in, my apartment the upper right open window.  There was a grand view of  Elliott Bay in Seattle Sound, I could see the cruise ships on their shore leave.  During certain months of the year, I could see the Naval ships docking…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic: Looking Up! Achieving resolution milestones.

Happy Humpday 3/6/2013

Saw this in a store window and thought the artist did a great job wit hit.  Very Alice-in-Wonderland meets Alice-in-Chains, lol. All seeing flower?  See the pom  poms at the tip of each petal? Thought those of you dealing with the snow and ice would like a bit of reminder of Spring. Looking ahead (haha,…… Continue reading Happy Humpday 3/6/2013

Happy Humpday Pic 2/27/2013 and annoying interruptions

I admit I don’t know where this came from or who took the picture or I would give credit. Whomever you are, you are genius! Writers are an odd lot.  We take what we see, hear, taste, feel and smell from friends, family, neighbors, towns, cities, movies, shows, grocery stores, parents with kids, old people,…… Continue reading Happy Humpday Pic 2/27/2013 and annoying interruptions