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Moving on from a loved one is never easy. I’ve lost people close to me, my Mom, Friends, Ex-Husbands and it is never easy. The stages of grief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and… Continue reading

Rebuilding My Life

Image courtesy of http://www.pixabay.com Learning to live by myself all over again after a seven year relationship is difficult. For months, all I did was lay in bed, only leaving to go to… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: On Bullying and Suicide

When the National News shows  a story that another child committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying, it just breaks my heart. School administrators usually turn a blind eye, telling the victim to ‘man… Continue reading

Monday Book Review: The Love Letters

Image courtesy of http://www.paperbackswap.com, book description courtesy of http://www.Amazon.com: Charlotte Napier has much to learn about herself, her faith, and her marriage. She flees to Portugal, desperately looking for comfort after the death… Continue reading