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Anyone Know How to Flash Symbian?

I have a Nokia E7 that needs to be flashed to the new Symbian Delight 2018 version. Currently has Symbian Belle Refresh, which is unusable in 2019. Prefer in United States due to… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Phone’s Terrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

Microsoft tried so hard to enter, take over the smartphone market and beat Apple to try and become the number one handset seller in the world. Well, the world handed their bottom line… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: The Nokia 215 $29 Phone

Long have I been a fan of Nokia’s cell phones, since my first Nokia, the 151, then years later, the 9500 and 7380 (I’m still waiting for the Nokia Morph, guys). Not a… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Ars reviews the BlackBerry Passport, the corporate tool

http://tpt.to/a4V3kN6 A few months ago, I brought this to your attention as a decidedly different type of smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport is big, bulky with a smushed keyboard.  And I want one! As… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Nokia Z Launcher

Nokia Z Launcher While I’ve tried quite a few different launchers for my old Asus TF101, the Nokia Z Launcher is only for devices running the Android 4.1 platform, leaving users like me… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Windows RT Slips into Obscurity

Windows RT was supposed to usher in the tablet era for Microsoft. But Windows RT has two fatal flaws: it’s missing crucial apps, and it’s poorly designed. Unsurprisingly, the stripped-down operating system failed… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff

from apps4top.co.uk As I’ve said numerous times the past few years, Poor Nokia! First they lose marketshare due to their pig-headedness in refusing to move with the times. Slow, buggy software in bright,… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Nokia X2

From http://androidadvices.com/nokia-x-successor-launch-details/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+AndroidAdvices+(Android+Advices) Nokia had always been my favorite phone maker, my first Nokia being the 232 back in the day. I used that all over the United States, travelling thousands of miles across and… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Nokia’s Last Stand

Poor Nokia. Once the dominating leader of free world cell phone technology, now whimpering out the sidelines.  I remember my first phone was a little brick of a thing, a Nokia 232.  Heavy,… Continue reading

Tech Tuesday: Microsoft Merging Phone and Win 8

WINDOWS BLUE RUMORED TO MERGE WINDOWS PHONE AND WINDOWS 8 INTO ONE PRODUCT http://bgr.com/2013/04/08/windows-blue-merge-windows-8-windows-phone-423842/ By Dan Graziano Microsoft’s (MSFT) next version of the Windows operating system, codenamed Windows Blue, will reportedly help merge its PC… Continue reading