Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff

from As I’ve said numerous times the past few years, Poor Nokia! First they lose marketshare due to their pig-headedness in refusing to move with the times. Slow, buggy software in bright, attractive cases and exhorbitantly over-priced. They never learned, much to their regret (?). Then to have a fox-wearing-sheepskin CEO directly from Microsoft,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Microsoft dumps Nokia Staff

Tech Tuesday: Nokia’s Last Stand

Poor Nokia. Once the dominating leader of free world cell phone technology, now whimpering out the sidelines.  I remember my first phone was a little brick of a thing, a Nokia 232.  Heavy, about the size of a chalkboard eraser and sturdy. It was analog, poor sound and only made phone calls; for it’s time,…… Continue reading Tech Tuesday: Nokia’s Last Stand