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Healthy Thursday: Dental Care in the United States

My question is why isn’t Dental Care free in the United States? We are supposedly the richest nation on earth with the best ‘health care available’ for everyone. More like, the U.S. has… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: American Taxes

“The difference between death and taxes is death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets” — Will Rogers http://itsamoneything.com/money/quotes-on-taxes-quotations-about-taxation-how-taxing/ There’s no secret that America’s tax system is convoluted, confusing accountants, tax consultants, lawyers not… Continue reading

Wertfrei Wednesday: Equality Under the Law

There is all different kinds of Equality: there is human rights equality, marriage equality, housing equality, racial equality but I want to talk about Income INequality, right here in the good old US… Continue reading

Where are the Jobs, then?

Big businesses, conglomerates, millionaires and billionaires have had roughly 10+ years of the lowest tax rates and/or no taxes to create and sustain American jobs so the middle class can live and thrive. Well, where are… Continue reading